Zenong Zhang

Research Assistant

Dallas, TX



About Me

I am a fifth year Ph.D. student at The University of Texas at Dallas. My faculty supervisor is Dr. Shiyi Wei.

Research Interests

My research is primarily dedicated to security, with a focus on the area of fuzz testing. I aim to enhance software security by (1) improving the evaluation process in fuzz testing tools in a systematic manner, and (2) developing new techniques that can expand the applications of fuzz testing tools.

Mr. Slater Latiao

Special thanks to Mr. Slater Latiao for granting me permission to use his name as my GitHub username.


Slater Latiao


Fuzzing Configurations of Program Options

Zenong Zhang, George Klees, Eric Wang, Michael Hicks and Shiyi Wei

ECSTATIC: An Extensible Framework for Testing and Debugging Configurable Static Analysis
ICSE 2023

Austin Mordahl, Zenong Zhang, Dakota Soles, Shiyi Wei

FIXREVERTER: A Realistic Bug Injection Methodology for Benchmarking Fuzz Testing
USENIX Security Symposium 2022Distinguished Paper Award

Zenong Zhang, Zachary Patterson, Michael Hicks, and Shiyi Wei

SugarC: Scalable Desugaring of Real-World Preprocessor Usage into Pure C
ICSE 2022

Zachary Patterson, Zenong Zhang, Brent Pappas, Shiyi Wei and Paul Gazzillo

An Empirical Study of Data Constraint Implementations in Java

Juan Manuel Florez, Laura Moreno, Zenong Zhang, Shiyi Wei and Andrian Marcus

Work Experience

Software Engingeering Intern
Google    May. 2023 - Aug. 2023

Experimental Implementation of C++'s data member packs in Clang

  - Suport of declaration

  - Suport of access in dependent context

Software Engingeering Intern
Google    May. 2022 - Aug. 2022

Implementation of language features in the explorer of Carbon Language

  - Raw String Literals

  - Declared Returned Variable

  - Uninitialized Variables: Local Variables, Global Variables

  - Interprocedural Static Analysis for Uninitialization: Part 1, Part 2

  - Proposal to Raw String Literals Syntax


USENIX Security 2022 Distinguished Paper Award
USENIX Security 2022 Student Grant

Volunteer Service

CCS 2021